Student Accident or Injury Reporting Process


If an accident or injury which does not require immediate medical attention occurs on College property, it is the student’s responsibility to seek medical attention, if so desired. For an accident or injury requiring immediate medical attention, EGTC staff will call 911.

Any EGTC student who sustains an injury on College property or at any facility where College business is being transacted is required to file an accident report with the College within 24 hours of the occurrence (or the next business day, whichever comes first).

Process for Reporting Accident or Injury Sustained on College Property:

  1. At the time of the injury or accident, the instructor must contact DPS Safety & Security at 720-833-1703 immediately to file an incident report.
  2. Injured students not in need of immediate medical attention should be directed to the Instructional Dean’s office for the program in which he/she is participating or to the registration desk in Student Services at the Emily Griffith Campus (1860 Lincoln Street), where they may obtain a Student Accident Report form.
  3. The completed Student Accident Report form must be returned to the Instructional Dean’s office for the program in which the student is participating. The instructor will also accept these after normal business hours and turn them in to the Instructional Dean for the program in which the student is participating.
  4. Upon receipt of a Student Accident Report, the Instructional Dean for the program in which the student is participating will forward a copy of the report form to the office of the Director of Instructional Programs who will provide notice to other appropriate parties as needed.
  5. The Executive Assistant for Instructional Programs will serve as the contact person for questions and other concerns about a reported injury and will report his/her findings to the Director of Instructional Programs and to the Director of Student Services, noting any identified safety hazards, which may have contributed to the reported injury.
  6. The Director of Instructional Programs will be responsible for making any recommendations needed to correct identified safety hazards to the Executive Director and to other campus offices and/or committees as he/she deems necessary.
  7. The Director of Instructional Programs will forward all submitted Student Accident Report forms to DPS Risk Management.

Process for Reporting Accident or Injury Sustained at Clinical or Internship Site:

  1. Injured students should immediately call 1-855-495-1554, anytime day or night. They should report all injuries/illnesses, whether they seek medical treatment or not.
  2. A list of the DPS designated medical clinics is available on the Risk Management website at: by clicking on Workers’ Compensation. Injured students may call the nearest designated clinic for an appointment or just walk in.
  3. Students should notify the instructor within 24 hours, and instructors must notify the Instructional Dean for the program in which the student is participating within 24 hours of student notification.
  4. The designated medical provider will give the injured student two (2) copies of a physician’s report reflecting the treatment plan, future appointment(s), and current physical restrictions, if applicable. The injured student must submit one copy of the physician’s report to his/her instructor. The other copy is for the student’s records.
  5. After the initial medical appointment, to the extent possible, future appointments should be scheduled not to conflict with the student’s school schedule.
  6. The DPS Workers’ Compensation Claims Administrator is TRISTAR Risk Management. For follow-up information on the claim, injured students may call 720-962-0222, ext. 3220.
  7. Note: Students must also follow accident or injury reporting processes as required by the clinical or internship site.

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