Emily Griffith Still Watching Over Her School

News Date: 
Monday, October 31, 2016

Who ya gonna call when the ghost of Emily Griffith makes one of her many visits to the new home of Emily Griffith Technical College?

“She’s not a mean ghost; she’s very mischievous and very curious,” said Dianna Marriott, formerly head of the Emily Griffith Technical College treasurer’s office for 15 years.

“I worked in the treasurer’s office for about 18 years, and we’d be sitting there, look up and hear somebody come in the front door,” Marriott said. “Then there was nobody there. I can’t tell you how often that happened, that you’d hear something.

Griffith apparently wanted to continue her good works. “She loves calculators,” Marriott said. “We would just be sitting at our desks, and a calculator up front would start going ka- chung, ka-chung, ka-chung. That means the calculator is not working or something has malfunctioned with it.”

The result was a little messy. “We could get a tape with dotted lines that was three, four, five feet long, and it wasn’t always from the same calculator. In the morning, we’d find ribbons from different calculators all over the place.”

Surely they would get some relief by moving from the longtime home at 1250 Welton St. to the beautiful new site at 1860 Lincoln Ave., right?

“When we moved to the new building, we came in one morning, and there’s ribbon (spread out),” said Marriott, who retired July 1, 2015. “She’s done the calculators there, too.”

In addition, “We were sitting there one day (in the new office), and we heard something such as people walking into an office.” Nobody was there, so they figured they had extra proof that Griffith found the school’s new home.

At least one observer has a theory about Griffith’s ghost.

“I’ve always suspected she couldn’t rest in peace until her murder was solved,” said Debra Faulkner, author of “Touching Tomorrow: The Emily Griffith Story.” “I think the wrong person was blamed and I don’t think she’d be happy about that.”

Faulkner is the historian at the fabled Brown Palace Hotel, which has its own ghosts.

“They make phone calls, do weird things with the elevators, turn lights on and off,” Faulkner said. “And the Brown Palace Club is thought to be the one place with more unexplained stories of phenomena than any other (in the hotel).” One time in that club, “I felt the carpet crawl under my feet, like something was alive,” she said.