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On-the-Job Training

What is On the Job Training?

On-the-Job Training (OJT) provides employment skills for refugees and immigrants in Colorado. This free job-readiness class takes place at Emily’s Coffee. The program is for non-native English speakers and helps improve their English skills while working in an authentic customer service environment. OJT is also a great opportunity to learn about American business culture, retail and cashiering in a live setting.

Emily's CoffeeOJT at Emily’s Coffee includes two 4-week programs – OJT 1 and OJT 2. The classes meet for 1.5 hours a day Monday through Friday. Students must complete OJT 1 before advancing to OJT 2.

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OJT is funded by the Colorado Department of Education. Students do not pay tuition to enroll in the program.  Students who complete both programs and a working interview, are eligible for a $750 scholarship towards career and technical courses at EGTC.

Student Learning Experiences

OJT 1 is a 4-week class. After completing the course students will be able to:

  • Learn and use new work-related vocabulary, phrases, and abbreviations
  • Demonstrate American business culture etiquette
  • Use language for workplace communication, including asking questions, making small talk, and making recommendations
  • Demonstrate cultural appropriateness in using English
  • Resolve mistakes or customer complaints
  • Apply problem-solving skills to a variety of workplace situations
  • Apply money-handling skills, including ringing in orders, applying tax, accepting different methods of payment, and counting out change
  • Demonstrate qualities of customer service, including professional demeanor, knowledge of product, and surpassing customer expectations
  • Evaluate work performance and develop professional goals


What’s after the class?

After the class students can advance to the next level, OJT 2, where they learn to excel as a barista. Students also have a week-long working interview with a local business (bus pass included!). When finished, students may apply for a job with that business, or are eligible to enroll in EGTC’s Professional Baking Program with a scholarship and no Reading TABE test required!


Who should enroll in OJT?

OJT at Emily’s Coffee is for individuals who would like to improve their English beyond the classroom yet still in a structured and supportive learning environment.  

How to enroll

Go to the Language Learning Center at Emily Griffith Technical College in Room 426 to register.  New students start every Monday.  Start your online application or click here for information on our English classes.

Emily Griffith Technical College
1860 Lincoln St
Denver, CO 80203

Call 720-423-4750 for more info.

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From our students...

The environment is so welcoming. I love that the teachers are hands-on and help whenever I don’t understand something.

Jennifer Blake

From our teachers...

Those wanting to start their own business, this is the field to be in. Our program is very hands on and allows one to work on their craft

Cosmetology - Deborah Gonzales
Cosmetology Instructor