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Students in this program learn all aspects of Commercial and Residential HVAC and the Commercial Refrigeration industry. This program is designed for the student who wants a diverse education covering the  heating and cooling of living and work spaces. You will also learn about the refrigeration processes and commercial equipment used to store and preserve food.

The full HVAC/Refrigeration Program contains four sub-programs, each of which can be taken individually. More information about each sub-program can be found on their respective sub-program pages:

Commercial/Residential HVAC and Refrigeration Technician

Controlling Systems Technician

Stationary Engineer

Supermarket Refrigeration Technician

HVAC Program Flyer

Gainful Employment Information


2016-2017 Program Dates (Full Program)

Full-Time (M-Th, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

  • 8/29/2016 — Spring 2018
  • 1/9/2017 — Fall 2018

Program Cost

  • Qualified Federal Financial Aid Program
  • Total Contact Hours: 2,107.50
  • Total Credit Hours: 112.00
  • Cost per Credit: $84 / $97 / $110
  • Additional Fees: $2,821.50
  • Estimated Program Cost: $13,146.50 (books may add to your final cost)



Code Course Credits
COM 100 Workplace Communications 1.00
COM 105 Career Communication 3.00
HPR 102 CPR for Professionals 0.50
HVA 100 Safety Training for the Trades 0.50
HVA 102 Basic Refrigeration 4.00
HVA 104 Electrical Components 4.00
HVA 105 Electricity for HVAC/R 4.00
HVA 110 Fundamentals of Gas Heating 4.00
HVA 111 Piping Skills for HVAC 4.00
HVA 121 Residential Refrigeration 4.00
HVA 124 Advanced Air Conditioning 4.00
HVA 132 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Controls 4.00
HVA 134 Air Conditioning Systems 4.00
HVA 140 Basic Sheet Metal 4.00
HVA 142 Residential Air Conditioning 4.00
HVA 143 Residential HVAC Trouble Shooting 4.00
HVA 206 Mechanical Codes 4.00
HVA 233 Advanced Refrigeration 4.00
HVA 235 Specialty Refrigeration Units 4.00
HVA 236 Stationary Engineer 4.00
HVA 245 Commercial Refrigeration & A/C 5.00
HVA 247 Hot Water Heating Systems 4.00
HVA 251 Building Automation I, Installer 4.00
HVA 252 Building Automation II, Service 4.00
HVA 253 Building Automation III, Advanced Operations 4.00
HVA 257 Low Pressure Steam Heating 4.00
HVA 261 A/C Systems Service and Repair 4.00
HVA 264 Evaporative Cooling Systems Water Treatment 4.00
HVA 265 Commercial Heating Systems 4.00
HVA 268 Advanced Hydronic Controls 4.00
HVA 275 Special Topics: Blue Print Reading 2.00

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Earning Potential

Entry Level

Hourly Pay: $14.69
Annual Salary: $30,560


Hourly Pay: $26.75
Annual Salary: $55,640


To what types of jobs do these skills apply?

  • HVAC installers
  • HVAC service techs
  • HVAC design engineers


What types of companies might hire me?

  • Air conditioning supply companies
  • Building contractors
  • Building management companies
  • Heating & air conditioning contractors
  • Hotel/motel maintenance departments
  • Plumbing companies
  • Retailers
  • Wholesale supply houses

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From our students...

I chose EGTC because I heard through my school it was the best, because it allowed me to get my certificate and still be on time with high school.

Tyler Snow
Cosmetology Student

From our teachers...

I think most women don’t know that welding is an awesome trade for them; women have much more refined motor skills.

Ryan M. Thomas
Welding Instructor