Pharmacy Clinical: Institution

Course Code

PHT 170



Provides students with hands on experience in an inpatient hospital pharmacy setting within the State of Colorado. Students must complete all didactic course work prior to enrolling for this course. The course involves a minimum of 160 hours including 8 hours of seminar class time and 152 hours of on-the-job work experience. Each student is required to work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist (i.e. preceptor) who may in turn delegate some supervisory and/or training responsibilities to another licensed pharmacist or certified pharmacy technician. During their work time at their hospital pharmacy site students are expected to participate in the pharmacy practice activities delineated in the Clinical Site Manual provided each student and each preceptor. Such activities include but are not limited to dispensing compounding inventory handling and control drug distribution and the preparation of intravenous (IV) admixture products chemotherapy products and total parenteral nutrition (TPN) products. Students are also expected to complete daily and weekly reports of their work activities and are required to evaluate both their work site and their preceptor at the conclusion of their clinical rotation. Similarly each preceptor is asked to complete an evaluation of and provide a grade for each student at the completion of the student's rotation. The course instructor is also required to evaluate each student after completing a visit to the student's work site and discussing the student's performance with both the student and his/her preceptor.

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