Management for the Hospitality Industry

Course Code

HOS 105



Describes the history, development, and operation of the hospitality industry including careers in the industry, management practices, accounting procedures, destinations and lodging.


 I.      Describe hospitality industry career opportunities both domestically and internationally
 II.     Discuss the restaurant business including operations and organizations of various food service businesses.  
 III.    Compare the advantages and disadvantages of on-site and commercial food service operations
 IV.     Describe the evolution of the lodging industry
 V.      Explain the fundamentals of the lodging business including hotel and motel operations, marketing, accounting, and competition


 I.      The Hospitality Industry and You
 II.     Growth and Change in the Hospitality Industry
 III.    Overview of the Restaurant Business
 IV.     Restaurant Operations
 V.      Organizations in the Restaurant Industry:  Chains, Independents, Franchises
 VI.     Competitive Forces in the Food Service Industry
 VII.    Current Issues in the Food Service Industry (such as health, nutrition, consumerism movements, use of technology, waste and the environment)
 VIII.   On-site Food Service Operations
 IX.     The Lodging Industry:  Overview, Evolution, Guest Needs and Expectations
 X       Hotel and Motel Operations
 XI.     Forces Shaping the Hotel Business
 XII.    Competition in the Lodging Industry

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