Course Code

HOS 280



Exposes the learner to the practical application of course studies in the hospitality industry. The course consists of practical experience in a hotel, restaurant, convention center, resort, tourism operation, or other professional opportunity in the hospitality industry.

 I.      Back of the House.  Comprehends, interprets and applies the academia or learned principles of administration including equipment needs, personnel management, production, purchasing, safety and sanitation to a food service operation.
 II.     Front of the House. Comprehends, interprets and applies principles of administration including accounting, computer utilization, housekeeping, coordination, interior design, marketing, sales and sanitation functions.
 III.    Communicates management principles, concepts and philosophies in accordance with educational theory, societal trends and the individuals` needs and capacity to change.
 IV.     Practices professionalism in the achievement of goals.
 V.      Comprehends, interprets and applies the political process as it applies to the hospitality industry.

 I.      See Standard Competencies



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As long as you apply yourself the work is really easy and help is available when you need it. EGTC seems to be very organized and knows what it takes to make students successful.

Stephanie Medero
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