Hospitality HR Management

Course Code

HOS 255



Studies the technical and legal challenges of hospitality human resource management from working within today`s employment laws to controlling absenteeism, dealing with unions, handling discipline and termination, and creating affordable wages and benefit programs. Explores controlling costs, increasing motivation and productivity, and how to find and keep good employees.


 I.      Identify labor market forces affecting the service industry in general and the hospitality industry in particular
 II.     Develop a human resources strategy to create and maintain a positive organizational structure.
 III.    Manage turnover and selection to meet staffing needs.
 IV.     Interview, evaluate, and hire job applicants.
 V.      Develop and implement individual and group training programs.
 VI.     Describe various approaches to management development.
 VII.    Motivate and communicate with employees
 VIII.   Explain the elements of wage and benefit administration
 IX.     Understand the intent of a wide range of employment legislation
 X       Use of employee appraisals effectively
 XI.     Lower costs and liabilities through health and safety programs
 XII.    Create effective discipline and termination procedures
 XIII.   Identify legal and practical concerns in dealing with unionized  and non-unionized employees
 XIV.    Enumerate the responsibilities of the human resources function.


 I.      Changing and developing role of Human Resources Management
 II.     Staffing
 III.    Employment interviewing
 IV.     Evaluating applicants
 V.      Hiring procedures and practices
 VI.     Training program development
 VII.    Management development programs
 VIII.   Wage and benefit administration
 IX.     Employment laws
 X       Employee appraisals
 XI.     Health and safety programs
 XII.    Discipline and termination procedures
 XIII.   Unions

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