Employment Strategies

Course Code

COM 101



Offers students the development of skills that are needed to search for a job.

 I.      Survey job markets on websites
 II.     Assess skills and strengths
 III.    Build resumes
 IV.     Prepare cover and follow-up letters
 V.      Complete job application forms
 VI.     Practice interviewing techniques
 VII.    Develop job hunting skills


 I.      Skills analysis
 II.     Summary of job requirements and job openings
 III.    Complete job application form
 IV.     Type resume for your career area
 V.      Prepare cover and follow-up letters
 VI.     Answer interview questions
 VII.    Job hunt plan

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GIS is not just one job. Having GIS skills means you can work in any industry from Urban Planning to Health. The world is literally at your fingertips. Everyone uses GIS without even knowing it.

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