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Computer Aided Drafting - Building Information Modeling


Learn Computer Aided Drafting at Emily Griffith Technical College!

Prepare for a career in architecture, engineering or construction using cutting-edge technology while learning about building project principles and the basics of construction drawing. Be at the forefront of the design industry with three-dimensional modeling knowledge using state-of-the-art computer software to convert designs into technical drawings and plans. The fast-paced Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry that relies on 3D Modeling is expected to need between 30-50,000 skilled workers in the next 10 years.

Students learn the fundamentals of CAD and Design Visualization software such as AutoCAD, Sketchup, and 3ds Max. Additionally, students complete projects in beginner and intermediate Revit courses, introducing them to real-world applications.​

The EGTC Computer Aided Drafting - Building Information Modeling Program is now a Qualified Federal Financial Aid Program.


CAD/BIM Program Flyer


2016-2017 Program Dates

Part-Time (M-Th, 8:15 a.m. - 12 p.m. or 12:45-4:30 p.m.)

  • 8/29/2016 – 6/29/2017
  • 2/1/2017 – Approx. Dec. 2017 (5:30-9:15 p.m. also available for this start date)


Program Cost

  • Total Contact Hours: 637.5
  • Total Credit Hours: 36
  • Cost per Credit: $84
  • Additional Fees: $864
  • Estimated Program Cost: $3,888 (books may add to your final cost)



Code Course Credits
CAD 101 Computer Aided Drafting I 3.00
AEC 107 Print Reading Residential/Commercial 3.00
CAD 115 Sketchup 3.00
AEC 121 Construction Materials and Systems 3.00
AEC 218 Sustainable Building Systems 3.00
CAD 224 Revit Architecture 3.00
MGD 111 Adobe Photoshop I 3.00
AEC 236 International Building Codes 3.00
CAD 227 Advanced Revit Architecture 3.00
BUS 217 Business Communication & Report Writing 3.00
CAD 219 3D/ Max 3.00
AEC 255 Professional Seminar & Portfolio 3.00

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Earning Potential


  • Hourly Pay = $14
  • Annual Salary = $28,000


  • Hourly Pay = $18
  • Annual Salary = $47,880


To what types of jobs do these skills apply?

  • Drafter/Draftperson for:
    • Architects
    • Civil or mechanical engineers
    • Landscape architects
  • CAD operator
  • Construction analyst
  • Design technician
  • CAD specialist


What types of companies might hire me?

  • Architectural firms
  • Civil or mechanical engineering firms
  • Interior design companies
  • Landscape architect firms
  • Construction contractors
  • Electrical contractors
  • Fire system design firms

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