Leave of Absence

Students may choose to discontinue pursuit of a certificate at any time, subject to the College’s published Drop/Withdraw, Attendance and Grading policies. Credit will not be offered for courses not completed, and students will have to repeat any course not successfully completed. Any student returning from extended leave may have to enroll in a program offered under the catalog current at the time of the student’s return if too much time has passed since the student left (see Continuous Enrollment Policies). Tuition and fees will always be charged at the rate current at the time the student takes the course.


Mike enrolls in Accounting certificate program beginning Spring 2014. Due to a change in childcare needs, Mike decides to take a break, even though he is only halfway through ENG 113.

Mike decides to return to EGTC to continue Accounting studies beginning Fall 2016. The new catalog shows an additional class required for the 2016-17 Accounting certificate. Furthermore, one of the courses he completed in 2014 is not applicable to the 2016-17 certificate. Because more than two semesters have passed since Mike left EGTC, he may only enroll in a program from the 2016-17 catalog. He will also have to retake ENG 113 from the beginning, even though he attended half of the class prior to leaving. Mike will not have to retake courses he successfully completed (C or better) in 2014 that are also part of the 2016-17 Accounting program. He will, however, have to have completed all the classes required for the program as listed under the 2016-17 catalog in order to receive his certificate. Mike will pay tuition and fees according to the 2016-17 Course Schedule. Mike may wish to consult with his advisor to explore substituting the completed but no longer required course from 2014 for another similar course in the 2016-17 program. Such substitutions may, in some cases, be possible. Students should consult with an advisor if possible prior to deciding to take extended leave, as well as prior to registering to return to school.