Grants and Scholarships - Drops and Withdrawals

Students receiving financial aid may have their aid adjusted and should check with the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping or withdrawing from a class.

If necessary, the Financial Aid office will complete a calculation to determine what portion of the student’s aid must be returned to the funder and what portion belongs to the student.

Any amount resulting in a credit balance on the student’s account will be returned to the student within 45 days of notification.

Any amount that is not covered by Financial Aid Grants will be due within 30 days of notification by the Treasurer’s Office.

If a student has a credit created by a Financial Aid Grant on his/her account as of June 30 of the school year, the college will return the grant credit balance to the student per federal guidelines.

Students will be advised that the money they are receiving may need to be used for future classes and that the student will need to pay for these classes with these funds or other personal funds.

Upon receipt of these funds the student becomes responsible for the payment of all future classes. (Any student on a payment plan will void their payment plan if they take the grant money and do not apply the balance to future tuition and fees.)

If you would like more information, see Withdrawal and R2T4 Policy.

Financial Aid Impact

If you have financial aid for the semester you are appealing, you may have to return the financial aid received in partial or full if you are approved.

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation is required for the following:

Medical – A dated and signed letter from the physician explaining your illness on letter-head, medical bills, or other medical documentation must be provided.

Death in the family – A death certificate or an obituary from the newspaper must be provided. Pamphlets from the funeral will not be accepted. The death must be from your immediate family.

Deployment papers for Active Duty – Must be provided. They must state Active Duty, not training.

College Error – A memo on Emily Griffith Technical College letterhead from the appropriate administrator at dean level or higher stating the situation and identifying college error must be provided.

If documentation is not in English, it will not be accepted. If you are providing copies, it must be translated.

Additional Information

  • If you have financial aid for the semester you are appealing, you may have to return the financial aid received in partial or full if you are approved.
  • If you are appealing for medical reasons and you have been granted a refund for a prior semester on the basis of that documentation, your request will not be considered for a second semester. Medical refunds are given on a one-time basis.
  • If you are appealing departmental fees, library fees, etc., this is out of the Appeal Committee’s purview and your request will not be reviewed.
  • If you are appealing due to work-related issues or failure to receive expected funding such as loans, Veterans' Affairs funding, sponsorships, etc., your request will not be considered.
  • If you are appealing grades, this is out of the Appeal Committee’s purview. Please speak with the appropriate department or refer to the Student Handbook regarding grade appeals or grievances.
  • When requesting a tuition and fee refund appeal on a medical, family emergency, death in the family or military deployment basis, it must be for all courses taken the entire level.

Appeal forms are available at Registration and Treasurer’s Office. Completed appeal forms are submitted to the Treasurer's Office. The committee meets as needed to review appeals.