Pronunciation & American Pronunciation

Work to reduce your accent and build your confidence

About the Pronunciation course:

Students will be able to accurately pronounce the various sounds of English.  The primary focus of this course will be vowel sounds.  We will also focus on rhythm, intonation, and common spelling/pronunciation patterns.

Who should take the Pronunciation class?

American Pronunciation is for students in Levels 3,4 and is held four days a week. This class focuses on the intricate explanation and practice of American pronunciation.  Pronunciation is for students in Level 1,2 who want or need work on forming sounds. As this course is only two days a week, it works well with the spelling course at the same time on the other days of the week.  Regardless of your level, these courses will help reduce your accent.

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From our students...

The environment is so welcoming. I love that the teachers are hands-on and help whenever I don’t understand something.

Jennifer Blake

From our teachers...

I love when students return and tell me how much they appreciated the program and what they learned.

Kristi Martin